Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Gym Class Heroes - As Cruel as School Children 2007


Track Listing

1. 1st period: The Queen and I
2. 2nd period: Shoot Down the Stars
3. 3rd Period: New Friend Request
4. 4th period: Clothes Off!!
5. Lunch: Sloppy Love Jingle Pt. 1
6. 6th period: Viva La White
7. 7th Period: 7 Weeks
8. 8th period: It's Ok, But Just This Once!
9. Study Hall: Sloppy Love Jingle Pt. 2
10. 10th Period: Biters Block
11. Yearbook Club: Boys In Bands Interlude
12. 12th period: Scandalous Scholastics
13. 13th period: On My Own Time (Write On!)
14. Intramurals: Cupid's Chokehold
15. Detention: Sloppy Love Jingle Pt. 3

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