Monday, February 25, 2008

Shawty Lo – Units In The City 2008


Track Listing

1. Shawty LO - 100,000
2. Shawty LO - They Know (Dey Know)
3. Shawty LO - Dunn, Dunn
4. Shawty LO – Foolish
5. Shawty LO - Let's Get It (Feat. Yola)
6. Shawty LO - Feels Good To Be Here
7. Shawty LO - Ain't Tellin' You (Feat. Phace Baity)
8. Shawty LO - Cut The Check (Feat. Lil' Mark & Braski)
9. Shawty LO - GA Lotto
10. Shawty LO - That's Shawty LO
11. Shawty LO - Easily I Approach
12. Shawty LO - Live My Life (Feat. Kool Ace)
13. Shawty LO - Got 'Em 4 The LO (Feat. Gucci Mane & Stuntman)
14. Shawty LO - Count On Me (Feat. Miss T)
15. Shawty LO - We Gon Ride (Feat. Mook B, G-Child, Stuntman, Lil' Mark & 40)

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