Thursday, March 6, 2008

Kanye West – The Graduate (Extra Credit) 2008


Track Listing

1. Still Got it
2. Bring it Back
3. Better than I've Ever Been
4. Us Placers (Ft. Lupe Fiasco & Pharrell)
5. Interlude
6. Stand Up
7. Stay Up (Ft. 88 Keys & Malik Yusef)
8. Nothin' Gotta Stop
9. Get Up
10. U that Type
11. Ima Star
12. He Got Everything
13. Let's Fly Away
14. It Goes Like this
15. A Good Woman
16. The Pain (Ft. Consequence)
17. This Ma Shit
18. Pro Nails (Ft. Kid Sister)
19. Always Been the Same
20. Interlude
21. You Know
22. I Want You
23. One Day
24. Make History
25. Change the Game

CD 2

1. R U Ready?
2. I'm in Here
3. Cop that
4. The Beat is (Ft. Rhymefest & Mikkey)
5. This Business
6. Who Got Lines
7. The Drop Top (Ft. Rhymefest)
8. Shhh! (Ft. Talib Kweli
9. I Can't Wait
10. Welcome to Chi Town
11. The Getdown
12. No Love (Ft. Go Getters)
13. Motion Picture
14. Record Breaker
15. Down
16. What You Do (Ft. Infamous Syndicate)
17. Fo Life
18. All I Have
19. This is it...

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